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Beauty, Dieting & Cosmetics Affiliate Programs

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Lose Weight, Start TodaySmart for Life - has helped hundreds of thousands of people lose millions of pounds for better health, appearance and happiness. We offer consumers a perfectly balanced fruit, protein, fiber and vegetable cookie that truly is a meal that can be carried anywhere! In addition to our Smart Cookies, we also offer consumers a variety of weight-loss shakes, muffins, and soups. These products are coupled with our weight loss program and they have gained tremendous recent popularity. Begin promoting today and start collecting some great commissions! We are offering a best in class 14% payout on an average online order of over $200! Additionally, we offer a cookie duration of 30 days and we are willing to pay out on up to 10 repeat purchases by the same consumer! This is the best diet program within Affiliate Marketing... period! Earn 14% commission on sales.

250.250.gifSmell2Good Fragrances Shop - We carry only top quality designer fragrance oils that have the same scent as the expensive designer brand perfumes, at a fraction of the cost. Our perfume oils are 100% pure grade "A" perfume oil without alcohol or fillers. We carry over 750 Fragrance Oils of high quality Women and Men designer fragrances and distribute worldwide. Earn 10% commission on sales.


Snoilite - is specialized in hair extensions for many years. We offer Clip-in Human Hair Extensions, Virgin Hair, Pre Bonded Hair, Synthetic Hair, Tape-in Hair Extensions and so on. We are an online hair retailer and wholesaler, dedicated to serving our customers with great products and good service! We have won hundreds of praise from customers form entire world. Earn 15% Commission On Each Sale.

Shop Temptu Today for the Best in Airbrush Makeup.TEMPTU - the industry leader in Airbrush Makeup, introduces the AIRbrush Makeup System for professional airbrush results at home. Designed to work exclusively with patented AIRpod™ Makeup, the AIRbrush Makeup System delivers gorgeous, seamless airbrush results in a breakthrough and effortless delivery system making airbrushing faster and easier than ever before. Quick and easy to apply—AIRpod Makeup’s self-contained design eliminates virtually all the mess and waste associated with traditional makeup. TEMPTU’s exclusive SILKsphere ™ Technology, inspired by extreme backstage conditions, is an ultra-breathable smoothing complex that creates a soft-focus finish and enables makeup to lie weightlessly on skin, diffusing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, pores, and imperfections. Achieve a natural looking, streak-free tan all year long with TEMPTU’s gradual glow Self-tanner. Camouflage leg and body imperfections for a perfect head-to-toe even glow with Body Camo Leg & Body Cover. Get a sun-kissed, beach-chic glow with Warm Glow Bronzer. In addition to AIRpod Foundations, Blushes, Highlighters, Bronzers and Self-tanner, TEMPTU offers facial primers and concealers to complete the flawless look. Believe the buzz! Temptu has been featured in Allure, Self, The New York Times, Rachel Ray, The Doctors, The Talk, and many others! Once a pro secret, now flawless airbrush results are at your fingertips. Earn 6% commission on sales.

Transfemme Male Breast Beautification Direct Estrogen Breast CreamTransfemme Male Breast Beautification Cream - Transfemme, male to female hormone modulation therapy is for the transsexual male to female lady serious about completing the feminization process. This product is to be used only by those who are serious about being female.Our breast enlargement pills contain a natural glandular therapy made from ovaries and are homepathically potentized, targeting the male body to convert testosterone into estrogen. Leaving your body full of excess estrogen.Would you like a boost to your breast size? All new Transfemme Direct Delivery System augments your breast size by adding estrogen directly into your breasts using transdermal cream. The new Transfemme breast cream is designed for Male to Female use only, to directly boost breast tissue size and shape by delivering a strong dose of estrogen. Transfemme breast cream is to be used as an adjunct to your overall feminization with Tranfemme. This product will not be sold to biological females and is not suitable for females due to the high levels of estrogen. This cream may also be used on the face to feminize the facial skin. Earn 15% commission on sales. - 80% off - use: - is a worldwide oral care/skin care company where we manufacture and produce in-house brands. We produce innovative products with the consumer in mind. We offer free shipping with every product ordered on our website, and we ship USPS. We also offer other expedited shipping methods at additional cost. Our products include: Dental care - truewhite™ teeth whitening systems offer teeth whitening supplies and replacement products; mirai; brite brush sonic on the go; truewhite UV Blue Light Self Sanitizing Travel Toothbrush. Skin care - trulyclear 2 - Light Therapy System; mirai face: Thin and Thick silicone bristles for gentle and soft cleansing; Bee Venom Serum: True Company’s bee venom serum is an advanced formula that revitalizes and renews, for naturally younger looking skin; nuova Anti Aging Cream: Feel younger, happier and healthier; mirai face + mirai cleanser: Mirai Face Cleanser pairs perfectly with the Mirai Face Brush, just to name a few..... Affiliate Program offers 15% commissions per sale. Not just that, we also offer LIFETIME COOKIES tracking so that we can build a long lasting partnership with our affiliates and compensate them with commissions on all residual and repeat purchases.

Ultraleanbody Weight Loss SupplementULTRALEANBODY - located in Charlotte, North Carolina has been an authorized retailer/wholesaler of health and personal care products to storefront owners along with business' ordering directly from us in the biggest nearby cities. With personnel with now over two decades of history selling health and personal care items we understand acquiring authentic brands and know the chain of custody for direct purchasing from wholesalers, vendors, and distributors. Our company only purchases "New" items manufactured in the United States of America. We currently only purchase in bulk from reputable vendors with years of history at this time. We are able to use our buying power to get excellent pricing which in return is passed on to the buyers on Amazon for huge savings. As our vendor orders arrive at our warehouse each box is then unpacked and each item is physically hand-inspected under our strict quality control guidelines. Earn 45% commission on sales.


Vegan OrganicsVegan Organics - Organic, plant-derived hair care and skin care. Our products are all natural, cruelty free and vegan. Earn 10% commission on sales.


Verseo RollerCell2 Cellulite Massager Verseo - is the leading direct marketer of hair growth, hair loss, electrolysis, detox, beauty and wellness items. Founded in 1999 and located in New York, Verseo offers proprietary and third-party health and beauty products for less. Our proprietary products go through rigorous clinical studies before they are brought to market. Our products are well-known around the world and extensively marketed via infomercials, print, and and media and have been featured on hit shows such as "The Doctors", "The Rachel Ray Show" and shopping networks like QVC and HSN. Some of our more popular products include the ePen Permanent Home Hair Removal System, Hair Plus Shampoo, GreyBan Natural Hair Restorer, RollerCell2 Cellulite Massager, everLASHing Lash Growth Stimulator, the new eGlide Roller Electrolysis System and the Lasertron Hair Growth Brush - which has been featured heavily in USA Today. has recently undergone a completely refreshed Web 2.0 friendly website and offers appealing creatives that have been proven to convert. Earn 18% commission on sales.

Weight Loss Beginners - The Truth About Losing Weight That Fat Cat CEO’s Pray You’ll Never Know You see weight loss is not one-dimensional or even two-dimensional. It’s a multi-dimensional process. And this is the truth why the mass marketed plans don’t work for everyone. And in fact, it shouldn’t surprise you that the folks in corporations and Madison Avenue know this. That’s because they know these products have a life-span and that they won’t work for everyone. That way they create a revolving door where they make mind-bogling profits from people who jump from one plan to another. The good news is, now there’s a way for you to attain that lean, sexy look you’ve always wanted. Weight Loss that is so easy that anyone can do it, or sell it! Expert Sales Letter is written by top sales weight loss copywriter. Setup limits returns. Testimonials with pictures. Very tempting bonus offer. Pays affiliates 70% of membership cost. That means for every membership you send to Weight Loss Beginners you will earn (approximentally, after credit card processing fees): $21.96 (USD).

Start losing weight today with Weight Watchers®.Weightwatchers - The Affiliate Programme is a way for you to earn cash while connecting your Web site visitors to Weight Watchers, which has helped millions all over the world lose weight. Affiliate Programme does not endorse or affiliate ourselves with any site that promotes weight loss drugs of any kind. Join now and start earning £15.00 per qualified Weight Watchers Online or Weight Watchers eSource subscription.


WeightWorld - is a leading online weight management specialist providing customers with key information and a host of quality products to help them manage their weight, whether it be weight loss, weight gain or simply to start a healthy lifestyle. We do this by offering a wide range of solutions including: Weight Loss Supplements, Control Wear (Shape wear), Home Fitness Equipment, Weight Training, Healthy Kitchen Equipment, Diagnostic Devices, Detox Products, Body Care Products. We are always striving to offer the best products and maintain our high quality so do not confuse our customers with hundreds of different products. Instead we offer a core selection of quality and tested products with informative content and vivid images to answer any questions our customers might have. This dedication to providing the best possible service to our customers is why we are one of the leading online weight management websites. Established as a leading online weight loss and fitness store across 9 European countries, WeightWorld has been helping thousands of men and women to achieve their weight loss goals throughout Europe for the last 10 years. The WeightWorld affiliate program can help affiliates to expand their business and increase commission through excellent support services and some of the best promotional tools and technology available. WeightWorld offer a Tiered commission structure starting at 13% and a 90 cookie length.

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