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About Global Affiliate Programs

Global Affiliate Programs is an Affiliate Directory and not an affiliate network. That means that on this site you will find the details of literally hundreds of affiliate programs, some of which are managed by networks, some of which manage their own program. The purpose of Global Affiliate Programs is to provide you with the widest possibly choice of affiliate programs and to assist you in every way to make your affiliate experience of profitable one.

Bit of History
Global Affiliate Programs is the brainchild on George Forsyth and has been online since August 2000. At that time affiliate marketing was dominated by US businesses and there were no UK affiliate networks like there are now; there were also no UK specific affiliate directories and it was George's ambition that Global Affiliate Programs should fill that gap. In that regard we have succeeded.

Since 2000 Global Affiliate Programs has expanded considerably in terms of the number of programs on offer, and has divided the programs into an ever-increasing number of categories which you can see on the left. This is to enable affiliates to find the program that is just right for them. We have also moved domains and been through a number of re-designs. In all that time the basic purpose has remained the same; that is to offer webmasters a clear description of the programs on offer in terms of the nature of the goods or services supplied by the merchants and the rewards on offer to the affiliate.

Directory Entries
Each entry in the Global Affiliate Programs directory contains a description of the merchants business and the type of affiliate reward on offer. Next to most of the directory entries is displayed an example of the banners available for you to use to promote that merchants site. There are usually many others available in various sizes and formats. Where no banner is shown it usually means that the merchant only offers large 468*60 banners and these don't fit with the layout of the directory.

Adding shops to your site
As well as banner ads and search boxes some merchants provide "Shopfronts" and there are many examples of these on this site as well. These are whole pages which you can either add to your site or in some cases they are hosted by the merchant but are individualised for your site. Having a whole page promoting a single merchant gives you a virtual store to sell their goods or services from. Where the listing says "Check out the XXXXX Shopfront" have a look at what they offer as you may want to add a similar page to your site. You can use our model shopping portal gateway.

Please note the description of each program on Global Affiliate Programs is a summary of the description taken from the merchants' sites. These should not be seen as a recommendation, endorsement or promise made on behalf of Global Affiliate Programs, nor is it guarantee that the program will be as described as conditions are changed from time to time. We will do our best to keep the information on this site current and relevant but accept no responsibility if the program providers change their terms and conditions.

Browse this site and you'll find links to lots of great opportunities and info!

How Affiliate Programmes Work

Online Businesses need traffic and to get this they often run an affiliate programme so that other webmasters (that's you) channel potential customers their way.  If you have ever tried to find a specific site using a search engine and been given a list of thousands to look through you will realise why businesses cannot rely on search engines alone to bring them customers.  So they like to place ads on other sites with a similar topic.

Most of the programs you can access via this site will pay you for each customer you send (pay-per-click) or for each sale they make from your referrals. Some offer a choice of both and it is for you decide which is best for you.

Pay-per-click programs typically pay about 4 - 6 US cents per unique visitor you send and pay out when your total reaches a threshold figure of about $25 - $50. Some allow you to choose the threshold figure from a range of options. Payouts usually occur monthly.

Affiliate Marketing is now so successful on the Internet that it even has it's own print magazine! Revenue can be bought on newsstands in the US but can be subscribed to worldwide. You may want to consider subscribing in order to stay up to date in this constantly evolving world.

One thing you should find out about any site you want to become an affiliate of is how popular that site is already, especially if it is based in a country which is not your own. The best tool to use for this is the Alexa Toolbar. This toolbar integrates with Internet Explorer and provides traffic rankings, site reviews, contact information, and more information about each site as you visit it. We can't recommend it highly enough and use it ourselves. The Alexa Toolbar is completely FREE and you can download it by clicking on the banner below. offers an Internet Marketing Discussion Board for Internet Marketers, affiliates, and program managers. Members range from novices to experienced marketers and program managers. It's a great way to keep up to date with developments in the world of affiliate marketing so you should consider joiing. It's free as well!

You could also consider taking advantage of some of the great advice you can find online from the experts like the Affiliate Classroom who offer a step by step training program to help you easily launch and grow your own affiliate internet business.

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