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Here are the latest additions to Global Affiliate Programs

Added 14th June 2024

Hookii Robotic Lawn Mower - In 2022, a team of experts with a background of more than 10 years in the service robotics industry founded the Hookii with the dream of bringing cutting-edge robotics into everyday life. Having landed hundreds of projects over the past decade, the team strongly believes that robotics should not be limited to the professional field, but should be popularised in every home to make people's lives more convenient. Earn 5% commission on sales.

Blazevideo - is an American and European Registered brand that has been deeply involved in the development and production of outdoor products and trail cameras. We're dedicated to creating a more flawless wildlife photography experience, providing monitoring solutions for your farm, home or backyard safety, and making your hunts easier and more comfortable! We also have our own factory to minimize the intermediate process of production and customer purchase to provide our customers with the best value for money cameras! Earn 15% commission on sales.


Added 30th May 2024

HOROW T10AHOROW - is a comprehensive innovative technology company integrating product development, production, sales, and service. Since its establishment, we have been working diligently in manufacturing top-quality kitchen and bathroom products. Continuing to provide the best quality products, and let everyone enjoy the beauty of home life has been our ultimate goal. Horow is the world's top ceramic manufacturer, one of the top 10 bathroom brands in 2023, best seller merchant on Amazon, Wayfair, Home Depot. Mainly engaged in all types of toilets, smart home, all kinds of products in the bathroom. We have warehouses in the east and west of the United States, and we are also looking for partners in other countries, the discounts we can offer are floating value, please contact us or follow us for more information. Earn 15% commission on sales.


Added 20th May 2024

New Arrivals Building KitsRobotime - We are ROBOTIME, a group of always full of enthusiasm for the advance and explorers. Over the past 15 years, our team has given "ROLIFE" and "ROKR" different spiritual core, committed to unleash the passion of life with passionate, patient and imaginative players all over the world. We use safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials, let you and your family and friends have a carefree diy fun time. Earn 10% commission on sales.


Added 14th May 2024

Sikaic - was born from a simple yet powerful idea: to redefine how people perceive and experience their living spaces. We recognize the importance of the home environment in shaping daily life and want to make a difference by improving it. Sikaic was born out of a passion for creating a home that not only beautiful, but also truly comfortable and functional. Our founders envisioned a world where everyone had access to high-quality, stylish furniture without breaking the bank. This vision became our mission. So we create Sikaic, an international platform where customers around the world can easily find affordable, top-notch homewares that make living at home easy, enjoyable and stylish. Earn 8% commission on sales.


Added 13th May 2024

NGX - have created the world's first genetically personalised meal-shake which is high in plant-protein. Containing all essential vitamins and minerals boosted to the amount your body uniquely needs based on your DNA results. Nutrition is the foundation to good health and fitness, but many of us do not get the nutrition we need due to genetic differences. NGX has created a solution by boosting the nutrients your body needs by up to 15x NRV (nutrient reference value) ensuring your body has everything it needs to look, feel and perform at its best. Our nutrition is plant-powered, made with premium ingredients and packed with superfoods. Your genetically personalised nutrition is just a one-time, saliva swab DNA Nutrition Test away. Get your NGX Starter Pack today. Earn 12% commission sales.


Added 11th May 2024

Narwal Robotics - is a cleaning robot brand dedicated to developing robots for home service. Now we are serving more than 1.5 million families globally, covering over 20 countries. Our mission is to help people live freely and passionately. We are eager to partner with influential affiliates and deal sites. We have specialists following up to review affiliate applicants daily. For approved affiliates, we offer competitive commissions. Additionally, depending on the overall performance of our partners, we will gradually increase the commission rate. Earn 5% commission on sales.


vacuum for pet hairNeakasa - are constantly explore and push the boundaries of what is possible with a neat, smart home. Pioneering new horizons through connected appliances. As a marketing-leading innovator, Neakasa now offers a wide range of smart appliance products, including smart home cleaning products and smart pet cleaning products. We will also launch smart kitchenware products in the future. Products include Neakasa PowerScrub II Wet Dry Vacuum Cordless Floor Cleaner, Neakasa P1 Pro Dog Grooming Kit for Dogs Cats | Pet Hair Vacuum andNeakasa P2 Pro Dog Grooming Kit & Vacuum for Dogs Cats | Vacuum For Pet Hair. EEarn 8% commission on sales.


Added 9th May 2024

Oval Candle at $9Colonial Candle - Established in 1909 by Mabel Baker, Colonial Candle of Cape Cod® holds the distinction of being the first woman-owned candle company in the US. With over 110 years of experience in crafting exquisite candles, Colonial Candle® takes pride in honoring the enduring legacy of American craftsmanship. Our brand stands as a masterpiece, embodying authenticity, unity, and an unwavering commitment to perfection-a tribute to the remarkable women whose dedication has shaped and continues to elevate our nation. Our product offerings include Colonial Classic Dinner Candles, HandiptT tapers, and scented jar candles in our patented Oval jars. Earn 10% commission on sales.


Added 8th May 2024

flash sale every dayKissLove Hair - is a professional manufacturer of human hair wigs and weaves in China, since 2014. We have a professional wig design team, closely follow the fashion trend, to provide novel high quality human hair 4*4 5*5 6*6 13*4 13*6 360 full lace wigs, colourful wigs, fashion bob wigs, HD lace wigs and so on. We offer 10% of the order value as commission and 30 days tracking gap. The average customer single consumption is US$240 in our website, so affiliates will get about US$24 commission from every referral order. We sincerely welcome every affiliate to join our program.


Added 30th April 2024

LANPWR - are at the forefront of sustainable and powerful energy solutions, offering an innovative range of high-quality LiFePO4 Batteries, portable power stations, solar panel systems, sodium-ion batteries, and much more. Our mission is to deliver cost-effective, reliable energy solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers. Among our diverse lineup, the 100Ah LiFePO4 Battery stands out as a flagship product, boasting over 4000 deep cycles and a built-in 100A BMS, making it the ultimate 1280Wh RV lithium battery on the market. By joining our Affiliate Program, you become part of a movement towards greener, more efficient power solutions. Here's what makes partnering with us a game-changer for you: Exclusive Access to Premier Products: Our 100Ah LiFePO4 Battery is just the beginning. From portable power stations to advanced solar panel systems, you'll have a wide array of top-tier products to promote. Competitive Commission Rates: Earn lucrative commissions on every sale made through your referral link. Our competitive rates mean more earnings for you, as you help us promote sustainable energy solutions. Marketing Support: Gain access to a wealth of marketing materials and support from our team, ensuring you have everything you need to succeed. Join a Sustainable Movement: By promoting products like our 100Ah LiFePO4 Battery, you're not just earning; you're also contributing to a more sustainable planet. Earn 10% commission on sales.

Added 27th April 2024

Verk - is an AI workforce platform where you can hire digital workers for various business roles like Sales Reps, Graphic Designing, Market Research, Social Media Marketing, and more. These digital workers are available 24x7 at just 1/10th the cost of human employees and continuously enhance their skills through self-improvement and learning. To join our Affiliate program, sign up using the link below. You'll receive an affiliate link for marketing on your leaddyno's dashboard. Keep track of your visitors, sign-ups, and paid customers through analytics available in your dashboard. This commission is a one-time payout and not recurring. The commission rate is 25% of the first credit recharge made by referred customers. Referral payouts are processed monthly and received via PayPal.

Added 26th April 2024

Silversal LogoSilversal - is primarily designed for tall black girls. You can find sizes from S to 5XL at Silversal. The fashionable design and inclusive size quickly gained the favor of many black girls. Silversal is determined to bring confidence and beauty to more black girls! Silversal offers high-quality products, fast delivery, an easy shopping experience and excellent customer service. Silversal was established on April 30, 2019. Silversal is an online fashion clothing boutique specializing in plus size clothing for black girls. Here at we launch tons of new products every week, so you're always getting the latest looks at lower prices. Their prices are incredible. From the moment we founded Silversal, our vision has been to bring confident beauty to more black girls! We serve customers in almost every country in the world, and our goal is to deliver goods to customers around the world quickly and accurately. Our vision will not change our products. Unique and unusual designs that are timeless and suit your taste. Our prints, colors and details are all original. We have our own designers and factories to ensure our clothes are comfortable fashion essentials. At you can get the latest fashion clothing information for black girls. Silversal's monthly sales exceed $300,000. Most black girls love our products. If you join our affiliate program, you can not only get 10%-20% commission, but also get more discounts for your audience.

Creality Falcon - a leading company in the field of printers and now expanding its product to laser engraving & cutting. Creality Falcon is on a mission to transform the world of tech with our advanced yet accessible innovations. From the Creality Falcon 5W/10W to the flagship Falcon2 Pro 22W/40W, our products are designed for everyone - from DIY enthusiasts and art aficionados to trailblazing small business owners. Do these sound like the people who follow you? If yes, then we're a perfect match! Engage, Inspire, and Earn with Creality Falcon. By joining our affiliate program, you're not just recommending products - you're introducing your audience to a world of limitless creativity and technological marvels. And the best part? You earn a commission on every sale made through your referral to Be part of a movement that's pushing boundaries and redefining norms. Sign up for the Creality Falcon Affiliate Program today and start your journey towards influencing the future of technology and creativity. Let's soar to new heights together! Earn 6% commission on sales.

Added 19th April 2024

Voice Search Registration for BusinessesVocal Seek - Affiliates: Imagine diving into a market where the competition is scarce, and the potential is massive. That's exactly what you get as an affiliate of our Voice Search Registration service. It's like hitting a goldmine in a blue ocean niche. Why? Because it practically sells itself by helping businesses boost their revenue through platforms like Amazon Alexa, Apple's Siri, Google Assistant, Microsoft Copilot, and Samsung Bixby. So, if you're looking to offer something truly groundbreaking, this is it. Not only will you be stepping into a space with hardly any competition, but you'll also be providing a service that businesses are hungry for! Let's make waves together in this untapped market! AND... Here's the best part: You'll be rewarded handsomely with a 75% commission! For now, you can choose one of 3 flat price points - $29, $49, and $89. (There is no difference in produce/service - This is just for you to test different prices with your audiences!) Here are some facts and figures about voice search: 50% of U.S. adults use voice search daily, indicating its growing integration into everyday life. 1 BILLION Voice searches take place every month. It's expected to surpass 2 billion in 2024. 76% Of individuals who use voice search weekly utilize it to discover local businesses. 8% Of businesses are on voice search. Now's your chance to join this emerging trend early! Seeing that only 8% of businesses have registered their services on voice platforms, there is a HUGE opportunity to serve the USA/Canada business market!

Added 17th April 2024

All-In-One GimbalFeiyuTech - was founded in 2007, initially focusing on the development of drones. In 2013, we applied drone gimbal stabilization technology to electronic handles and created a series of gimbal products under the Feiyu brand. Currently, our gimbal product line includes camera gimbals, smartphone gimbals, action camera gimbals, and gimbal cameras. We are also the first gimbal brand available for sale in the Apple Store. Earn 10% commission on sales.


Added 11th April 2024

Biggmans - is an online fashion clothing boutique specializing in tall men. Here at we launch loads of new products every week, so you're always getting the latest looks for less. And they're incredibly affordable. From the moment we founded Biggmans, our vision was to empower people around the world to shop and sell online. We serve customers in almost every country in the world, and our goal is to deliver goods to customers around the world quickly and accurately. Our vision will not change. Biggmans was established on April 30, 2019. This is the first time we have joined the Shareasale platform, so for the first time we will provide you with a commission rate of up to 15%. In addition, you will also receive an additional $3 in rewards for your first transaction! And we have customized exclusive discounts for your customers. Use the discount code BIGGMANS15 to enjoy a 15% discount on the entire store. Please note that this discount is only for affiliates, and such a high discount cannot be provided in any channel.

Added 28th March 2024

X-Sense - is a professional global home safety brand that designs and produces a variety of products related to home safety, such as smoke detectors, CO detectors, and home security systems. We constantly upgrade our line-up of home safety products to meet various demands. X-Sense wants to help every family live a safe life at home. Promotion for X-Sense cannot be easier. All you need to do is tell your audience what you like about X-Sense's products on your social media such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok, and provide them with the tracking link to buy and enjoy the special discounts from your channel. You have full access to our material resources: product descriptions, intuitive guidelines, and a constant stream of banners, text ads, videos, and possibly sample products. We will also be on standby to offer assistance of any kind. Earn 9% commission on sales.


Remy Forte Hair - was born in the 1990s. It is a professional human hair vendor, we have forced on providing the best quality human hair wigs, Remy hair weave, hair closure at factory price. Our company is always specialized in designing, market researching and sales of human hair. We sincerely invite interested affiliates to join our team?we have a complete commission mechanism to ensure that each affiliate will receive sufficient returns for their efforts. The commission ratio is 12% + 2% reward, moreover, there will be incentives for single transactions over $300 and $500, please help us promote Remy Forte mall.


Added 24th March 2024

iToolMax - are dedicated to providing our customers with innovative and high-quality garden tools, automotive tools, and power tools that will make their day-to-day routines easier. iToolMax offer free delivery on all orders, a 30-day risk-free trial on all products, and guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. Earn 7% commission on sales.


Added 13th March 2024

Mobile Pixels - specializes in portable monitors for laptops. We have tremendous market potential due to the diversity of the work scenario. We have occupied a large market share, and we are dedicated to keeping and expanding the share. Our website offers monitors with an average order size of $340. Orders range from $249 to $1599. While studying at MIT, Mobile Pixels' founder was constantly frustrated by the limits of his screen space. Whenever he needed to work outside of assigned desk space or present his work in a conference room, he always hoped to have a light-weighted secondary monitor that has high resolution and can be easily carried around. Inspired by the necessity, he decided to roll up his sleeves and start building the prototype from a broken laptop. We launched 4 campaigns on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, raised over $1 million in each campaign, have sold more than 100,000 units, and are very hot popular in the United States/other countries. We have tremendous market potential due to the diversity of the work scenario. That's how our company was born. Earn 10% commission on sales.

Added 12th March 2024

Charmanty - are committed to creating high-quality 100% human hair wigs that are low maintenance and easy to install, while also being fashionable and natural-looking.our mission is to deliver the best hair experience to our customers by providing top-notch products and services, helping females of all ages and diverse backgrounds to express their unique personalities every day. Earn 20% commission on sales.


Kate Backdrop - is a top 3 photography backdrop brand in USA, engaged in professional microfiber printed backdrops for photography, photo backgrounds, props, and background stand. Custom backdrops birthday, event or wedding photo booth banner. We also can make hand-painted Canvas backdrops for professional photographers. We offer very good quality photography backdrops at affordable prices. The repeat customer rate is 45%+. Our commission is from 8% to 12% of every sale you invite.

Added 4th March 2024

GetsMine - Join our affiliate program and be part of the booming world of Bitcoin mining. As a merchant, we offer a range of products, including a $60 paid trial and cutting-edge Antminer equipment, such as the S19J Pro and S19k Pro.Affiliate Levels and Discounts:Affiliate (5%): Start earning with a 5% commission on every purchase made by those you invite to the platform. No initial investment required-simply share your unique link.Partner (10%): Purchase between 10 and 50 pieces of equipment to unlock an additional 10% discount for reselling. Maximize your profits as a trusted partner.Extended Partner (15%): Buy 50 to 100 units and enjoy a generous 15% discount for subsequent resale. Elevate your partnership to the next level.Trusted Partner (20%): Purchase 100 units or more and unlock a maximum discount of 20%. Benefit from our top-tier partnership for substantial savings.All purchased mining equipment is activated immediately, generating BTC rewards to your external wallet. The choice is yours-continue mining or sell equipment at the full price to your clients. Join GetsMine and tap into the potential of the cryptocurrency market.

OMG, This Hairline & Bouncy Curl Got My Attention, Which Is More Flexible In StylingYolissa Hair - sell Hair Accessories, mainly hair products, including human hair wigs, bundles, closures, and frontals. Earn 8% commission on sales.


Elevate Your Costume Game! Get 25% Off on Avatar Contact Lenses Today!PsEYEche - is the most professional Halloween & Cosplay contacts company. At PsEYEche, we are dedicated to providing top-quality costume contacts to our customers. Our products are FDA and CE certified, ensuring their safety and reliability. PsEYEche has more than 400 styles of colored contacts and 70+ sclera contacts, such as Sharingan, anime, Halloween, and Cosplay contacts. As a member of our affiliate marketing plan, you will earn a 15% commission for every sale made through your unique affiliate link. Our AOV is about $50. The more sales you generate, the more you will earn. Our program is flexible, and you can promote our products through your website, blog, or social media channels. We provide you with all the tools you need to succeed, including a comprehensive product catalog, promotional materials, and real-time tracking and reporting. You will also have access to our dedicated affiliate support team, who will be available to answer any questions and provide guidance and support.

Added 28th February 2024

A logo of the Greatness app brand. It has a head with rays coming out in rainbow colors.Greatness - combines various self-care tools in one app to help people build healthy habits in any area of life - from nutrition, exercise, and sleep to work and relationships. Distilling decades of research on behavior change, it acts as a personal coach, customized to your goals and lifestyle. Our base commission is $10 USD per sale but we are DOUBLING it for the first month of the partnership. Custom discount codes and premium app access are available upon request. There are three subscription plans: 3 mo - $33, 6 mo - $54, 12 mo - $66.


Added 26th February 2024

OvercoatUSA - Discover timeless elegance and unmatched style at OvercoatUSA, your premier online destination for a sophisticated range of men's outerwear. Based in Los Angeles CA, we specialize in providing high-quality Overcoats, Sport Coats, Men's Cots, Fur Coats, Pea Coats, Top Coats, Trench Coats, and Winter Coats. Our curated collection reflects a commitment to craftsmanship, comfort, and fashion-forward design. Joining the OvercoatUSA Affiliate Program opens the door to a rewarding partnership in the world of men's outerwear. As an affiliate, you have the opportunity to earn commissions by promoting our diverse range of coats and outerwear. We provide you with the tools and resources needed to succeed, including a user-friendly affiliate dashboard, creative assets, and personalized affiliate link. Earn 15% commission on sales.

Added 19th February 2024

Massive content with tens of millions of elements is newly - providing tens of millions of amazing images, photos, templates for designers. We offer high commission (17%) rate for our program. The program is valid forever. As an affiliate partner, you can earn a competitive commission rate for every sale generated through your referral links. We also offer bonuses and incentives to our top performing partners. We look forward to working with you.


Added 12th February 2024

Emensuits - is a leading destination for high-quality men's suits, tuxedos, blazers, shirts, outerwear, and stylish footwear. Why Partner with Emensuits? Premium Quality: Our collection features meticulously crafted suits and accessories made from premium fabrics, ensuring that your audience receives nothing but the best in men's fashion. Wide Selection: From sophisticated suits to trendy outerwear and stylish shoes, our diverse product range caters to various tastes and occasions, providing your audience with an extensive selection to choose from. Our affiliate program is designed to create a mutually beneficial partnership with individuals and businesses who share our passion for men's fashion. By joining our program, you can earn commissions by promoting and driving sales to our website. As an affiliate, you'll have access to a variety of marketing materials and tools to help you succeed in promoting our products. Earn 9% commission on sales.

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