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Jooble   |   Jobs in UK

Candidatezip - is an HR tech tool. We offer easy to use interface, and no programmer is required to complete this process. Its simple; all you need is a CandidateZip account to sign up to become our promoter and earn up 30% commission.

Careerjet - is a search engine that maps an extensive selection of job offerings by listing worldwide job vacancies in one database. We drive traffic to the original job listing website (company websites, recruitment agencies, newspapers, etc.) and earn revenue based on a pay per click principle and an auction system. Careerjet are currently looking for web partners to join our Careerjet publisher program. Each time a visitor directed from your site clicks on a payable link on Careerjet, you receive a commission of 30%.

Click here to search hundreds of literary agents in seconds!First Writer - provides writers with contact details for book publishers, literary agents, magazines, competitions, and more, to help them make it in the publishing industry. Search our advanced database of over 800 literary agencies to find exactly the right agent for you in seconds making trawling through printed listings for hours on end a thing of the past. Plus get reports from multiple sources so you know which agents are the best and which are to be avoided. Search over 1,000 book publishers in seconds with our publishers database. The ability to search using any combination of over a dozen search criteria means you can create the perfect list of potential publishers for your book in an instant 1.05 is paid for every paying referral.

Freelance - Custom Freelance Programming - Freelancer pays affiliates half the fees we charge users to participate in projects. If you refer a Buyer Freelancer will pay you 40% of ALL the fees they charge that user, as well as 40% of the fees Freelancer charge the Programmer he works with! If you refer a Programmer you will earn 10% of ALL the fees ScriptLance charge that user, as well as the Buyer he works with. On top of that you will also earn 50% of Certified Member fees ($5-$12.50) and 50% of Job Listing fees ($19.50). If you refer another affiliate ScriptLance will also pay you 10% of whatever they earn!


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