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Affiliate Programs for Musicians and Performers

DJing Affiliate - Welcome to the Club Ready DJ Course Online DJ Affiliate Program! Are you interested in joining our team as an affiliate for one of the fastest growing online DJ courses on the planet? Do you have a website or social platform with traffic related to the music or DJing industry or do you have the passion to generate leads? If you answered yes, then apply as an affiliate today to see if you are a fit with our program. Earn commissions while helping future DJs learn to gain confidence and play live at a professional standard. Joining our program is free. There are no startup costs. There is also a $25 Signup Bonus - No Website Required. Get a head-start on your earnings with a $25 signup bonus when your application is approved. Earn up to $50 USD commission for every lead that purcahses the course.


Gear4music - is the best value source of musical instruments and equipment in Europe - you name it, they've got it, and at a great price too! We now include a 30 day money back guarantee as standard accross all of our products, with up to 90 days available! Gear4music has over 31,000 products from 652 manufacturers online. We have some of the most competitive prices on Yamaha, Roland, Korg, Fender and Gibson products as well as our own range of musical instruments and equipment. With electric guitars from £60, drum kits from £159.99, PA systems from £149 and many other music technology items from £50 to £10,000, Gear4music provides a great combination of quality and value. You can even book your own delivery date when you place your order online! We take great pride in our relationship with affiliates and work hard to maintain our comprehensive data feed and graphical banners. We are expanding our online marketing provision all the time, and are keen to hear all needs and requests you may have. Earn 5% commission on Gear4music branded products and 3.5% on all other products.

Hear and Play - Welcome to the world’s #1 Music By Ear site on the net! If you’ve ever wanted to fulfill a life-long dream of learning piano, organ, guitar, drums, or any other instruments by ear, without reading sheet music, then look no further. We’ve trained hundreds of thousands of musicians all around the world how to play their favorite instruments with our down-to-earth online music lessons, video tutorials,jermaine griggs resources, and self-study courses… and we can certainly help you too! So take the first steps and sign up for our online lessons. They’re free so you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain. Our Affiliate Program is free to join and you can instantly generate an ongoing stream of income without any cost or obligation on your part. It is recommended that you own a website or social media accounts like twitter, facebook, myspace to be part of this Affiliate Program (but not required). You can get paid referral fees for simply linking to It is easy to receive between $250 - $500 per month for promoting our best-selling instructional series, even if your website has low traffic counts. Medium and heavy sites can potentially earn $600 to $3000+ per month. Our top affiliates earn well over $5,000 per month just for sending visitors to our site! Now you can see why our affiliate program is so powerful! Earn 25% commission on sales.

Copyright Registration Service - click here to protect your copyrightIP Rights Office - Copyright Registration Service - The IP Rights Office is aiming to promote the importance of registering work for copyright protection by offering payments of $10 for every user referred to the site who continues to register their work for copyright protection. Suitable for any website aimed at creators of original work, such as writers, artists, musicians, designers, etc.


MusicSocket - provides unsigned artists with contact details for record labels and managers and more, to help them make it in the music industry. The big idea behind MusicSocket is to help you make it big in the music industry, and save you as much time and money as possible along the way. MusicSocket know what matters to you: your music. And that means you want to spend your time making and playing your music, not trawling the internet looking for potential leads to try and make your big break. MusicSocket aim to do all that legwork for you, and provide you with all the tools and information you need to get your music to the widest audience you can; all in one place and for the lowest subscription fee possible. $2 are paid for every paying referral.

Sheet Music Plus Guitar TabSheet Music Plus - Link your website to ours and earn 8% on every sheet music purchase your visitors make, on every title we carry. Plus 5% on products in the Musician Store area of our site. We pay cash, not just credit. And you get paid monthly once you've earned $20 or more.


Sing & See - See your voice, Hear the results!Sing & See - is the singing training software that teachers and singers all over the world are now using to improve their learning experience. It shows the singer and teacher visual displays that represent the voice - pitch, loudness, and timbre. This direct visual feedback enhances the spoken feedback that teachers give their students, and allows singers to see patterns in their voices that they might otherwise miss out on hearing. Our goal with Sing & See is to provide people all around the world with innovative technology to help them improve their voices and enjoy their singing more. We have set up this affiliate program to create the opportunity for more people to get involved in the business of finding customers for our software. Our hope is that you will not only find it profitable, but will gain satisfaction from helping to teach the world to sing - better! Earn up to 40% commission for every sale referred!

Video - is the first consumer targeted video analysis software. Users can perform video slow motion, zooming, and loop video for repeated playing. Users can also perform freeze frame analysis and much more. Video Surgeon is used people that play musical instruments (guitar, bass, banjo, drums, etc.), as well as many other endeavors including tennis, golf, martial arts, Yoga, or Yoyo tricks to name a few. The bottom line is that anyone that uses video in their training, instructions, lessons, or learning will benefit greatly from Video Surgeon. Video Surgeon pays 35% commission, and our average sale is $95. That's an average commission of $33 bucks.

Classical Sheet Music Downloads at Virtual Sheet MusicVirtual Sheet Music - Become an Affiliate of the leading site of Classical Sheet Music Downloads, offering exclusive and high quality sheet music to download and print instantly. Earn 30% commission on all sales and offer great products to your users. Users can now access over 6,000 high quality audio MP3 files besides the audio MIDI files Virtual Shet Music already have been offering. This new addition increases the value of both the product base as well of the Membership which now gives more enjoyment to the user. This is a very important product to market to your audience! MP3 files allow users to easily burn files on a CD to play on a regular CD player or to download them on a MP3 player such as an iPod. Also their quality is much better than the old MIDI files we used to offer. Get paid by check or Paypal. You will be proud to be a Virtual Sheet Music Affiliate and will have instant results.Since February 2009 over 2,500 audio Mp3 accompaniment files are available. Starting the last month, we began to offer audio Mp3 accompaniment files for most of our soloist repertoire. This is a really great and unique feature you can't miss to advertise do your audience! Accompaniment files provide the piano solo part with metronome on it and allow musicians to practice or simply enjoy music playing together with their computer or iPod.

Wikinut - is a simple concept, and we can guarantee you'll understand how it works within minutes. Read this quick guide, and you'll soon be on the way to your first Wikinut payday. Wikinut is an online publisher for the masses. Anybody can write pages for Wikinut. We will then publish these online for a worldwide audience. As with many other websites Wikinut earns money by selling advertising space. For every article on our site we show targeted adverts. So for example, if the page is a beginners guide to windsurfing, you may see adverts for windsurfing equipment or windsurfing lessons. The advertisers may range from some of the biggest online companies such as Google, to smaller, more specialist retailers. So how do I make money? This is the easy bit. You're the person who writes the content. You can write about anything you like - within reason. Then you can sit back, your job is done. We then review the article, publish it and show relevant adverts. Plus we look after all the clever geeky stuff like servers, hosting and so on. Once people begin to read your content, any revenue generated by your adverts will be tracked by our system. You'll then earn 50% of this revenue - and continue to receive these royalties for the lifetime of your article. Earn 10% commission on referred authors' income.

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