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**TopTip Programs**

Healthtrader - is a niche affiliate marketing network and home to some of Europe’s most exciting health and beauty affiliate offers. Affiliates can earn up to 40% per sale and the network also runs a competitive referral program. The network uses a combination of tracking methods, which includes database matching to ensure 100% accuracy on repeat orders. Each offer has an extensive range of marketing collateral as well as data feeds and widgets. Its free to signup to HealthTrader, it takes less than 30 seconds and provides you with instant access.

Meds4All - is a renowned online pharmacy/clinic providing free online consultation and treatments for various medical conditions like Impotence, Obesity/Weight loss, hair loss, Influenza/Swine flu, Smoking Cessation and Female Sexual Dysfunction. Meds4all pharmacy affiliate program is a unique and only pharmacy affiliate program providing commission per click as well per sale. We provide unbeatable commission with excellent support services and higher earning per commission due to its unique pricing model for products. We sell only branded products from the pharmacies registered in Britain. With us you can earn as much as $110 per single sale of our single product. You get $25 as sign up bonus and excellent post sign up service in terms of reports, banners and promotional tools. - Since 2004, 121doc has been providing customers with access to qualified EU doctors and pharmacies. We are here to help affiliates expand their business and increase commission through excellent support services along with some of the best promotional tools and technology available. Affiliates can earn up to €70 per sale thanks to strong conversion rates and first class support from our international affiliate management team. The Commission for the program is 13%, 90days cookie period, 2% two tier, monthly payment, payment mode: paypal, moneybookers, bank/wire transfers, tracking software: post affiliate pro.


Absorb Health - is a dietary supplement and natural skin care company. We offer many exclusive, high-end products, such as our nootropics, an increasingly popular cognitive type of supplement which we are a world leader in; proprietary male enhancement and anti-hangover supplements, and packaged natural skin care products. Our average order is $61 with 2 items per purchase with a site-wide conversion rate of 3%. We are committed to working with our affiliates to help make both of us successful. We have been in business over 4 years and have a large, loyal customer base and excellent reputation. We have maintained a perfect seller rating on Amazon; a 1 day turn around time; and less than a 1% refund rate. Earn 20% commission on sales.


Alteril™ - is an all-natural sleeping aid, the result of 25 years of research into the science of sleep and the healthiest choice for someone looking for a little natural encouragement for dozing off a night. Insomnia and symptoms of sleeplessness affect nearly 40 million Americans. Sleeping pills require a doctor's prescription and come with some nasty side effects, including dry mouth, loss of motor function, addiction and withdrawal symptoms. That's not including the risk of an accidental overdose. Alteril™ consists of the most potent natural sleeping aids, including: * L-Tryptophan, an amino acid responsible for manufacturing the neurotransmitters that regulate your sleep and awake cycles. * Melatonin, a hormone that governs your circadian rhythm. * Valerian, which is a sedative that doesn't give that "hang-over" feeling. * L-Theanine, which reduces stress and anxiety while increasing "alpha" relaxation brain waves. Combined, they form a potent combination guaranteed to gently guide you along to slumber. All in one convenient capsule. Alteril™ acts immediately and keeps you sleeping longer. You'll wake up refreshed and alert. This is without the side effects that you get with traditional sleeping pills. No addictive properties, no working up a tolerance, no dry mouth and no need for a trip to the doctor. Earn 30% commission on sales.

Ashop - New Zealand Health, Skincare, Organic Products To The World. As one of the leading online retailers in New Zealand, Ashop delivers health products, natural skincare, organic products and more from New Zealand to the world. We are proudly committed to sell only genuine products. Ashop website is equipped with robust secured system and provides best-practice E-commerce experience. Since we care much about customer's utmost satisfaction, we have established a modern platform to conform with usability standards, high performance and friendly site navigation. All our products are shipped safely by New Zealand Post for fast and trustable delivery. Ashop provides one of the best online shopping environments to customers in the world. By using our profound experience in New Zealand health, skincare, and other industries. We are committed to provide highest quality of New Zealand made products and best online service with competitive price. Earn 8% commission on sales.

Ayurvedic Herbs Direct - Herbs Direct, LLC is a leading provider of niche herb and nutritional supplement products offered directly to consumers. Herbs Direct are currently enrolling established affiliates into their Chinese Herbs Direct, Ayurvedic Herbs Direct and Pet Herbs Direct online stores. By joining the Herbs Direct affiliate program, you are automatically a member of all of their online store's affiliate programs. Ayurvedic Herbs Direct is a leading provider of Ayurvedic/Himalayan/Indian herbs and formulas. Ayurvedic herbs are quite popular for liver health, detoxification, blood sugar and heart health. Herbs Direct sell dozens of Ayurvedic products from every leading manufacturer and are contantly expanding their product lines. This affiliate program offers you the ability to earn generous commissions on each sale referred, regardless of the store. Many affiliates are already earning nice monthly incomes from this program. Earn 15% commission on all sales within a 45-day period.

Biogetica Health - Biogetica is the leading alternative health portal. Biogetica have amazing herbal, resonance homeopathic, biotech, Chinese and ayurvedic remedies for most hard to cure diseases such as herpes, hpv, diabetes, arthritis, acne, osteoporosis and a whole lot more. Biogetica also teaches customers meditations and techniques to go from disease to ease. Our mission is have you wake up in a world where it is illegal to say "there is no cure". Our website and products generate one of the highest conversion rates in the industry. Our high conversion rates mean that the people who you send here are more likely to make a purchase. Not only can you join our team and help spread the word about your favorite products, you can get rewarded for your efforts. Our system tracks referrals and pays top dollar for every new client you send our way. Get 15% commission on all our products. Plus, If your friends refer others who then buy you will make 5% or 3% of the order value. - Advanced Holistic HealthcareBiogetica - searches the globe for the most effective herbal, biotech, vibrational, homeopathic and bioenergetic therapies for an ailment and offers it to clients globally. We add to our long list of diseases weekly. Our conversions are dramatic and the payouts fantastic. The easy to use site, exclusive products, tv interviews, in depth knowledge and true testimonials all contribute to our high conversions and repeat buyers. Give our program a try and you will be glad you did. Earn 20% commission on sales.

British CBD - is one of the UK’s fastest growing online distributors of CBD products. We are proud to offer only the finest CBD products on the market. As the leading CBD shop in the UK, we stock an extensive range of products from CBD Vape Oil, CBD Oil, CBD Gummies, CBD Capsules, CBD Balm, and we update our website on a regular basis with new lines and products. As well as being one of the exclusive CBD UK shops to offer a wide range of products we are also dedicated to comprehensively sharing the information and research that is being conducted on CBD. We want to change the negative perception that surrounds Cannabis derived products and this change will only occur if people are made aware of the potential powers of CBD. All products we distributor are laboratory tested to ensure you receive only the best. Our Affiliate Program is designed to offer you a risk-free opportunity to capitalise on the rapidly growing CBD market by offering the our premium CBD products to your family, friends and followers. Earn 30% commission on sales. - Do you suffer from unsightly cellulite that you just can't seem to get rid of? If you're like 90% of all women on earth, then the answer is yes. Cellulite doesn't discriminate, it effects millions of women of all ages and body types in every country of the world. And for many, it causes a lot of insecurity and embarrassment. If you answered yes, then this may be the most life changing letter you'll ever read. There's no other way to put it... cellulite is ugly. It's great to be comfortable in your own body, but no woman on earth sees that unsightly cottage cheese appearance on her backside and is happy about it. It's the root of a lot of confidence issues for women across the planet. The Cellulite Assassin, the most effective cellulite treatment program ever released, developed by industry leading dietitians, trainers and holistic physicians. I am sure your website visitors will love it. Our affiliate partners earn 75% per sale with a 60 days cookie tracking period. - for all your online pharmacy - Our pharmacy business has been trading for over 75 years and is now operated by third generation family. Although we serve our local community through our pharmacy premises in Whitworth, Lancs, in 2014 we set up our multi-channel business and we have a presence on most major online platforms as well our own website. With all our combined experience, we are able to offer the best advice and the best products to our customers worldwide. Our business only sources products from major UK pharmaceutical distributors to ensure the highest quality, safety and standards. Our business is regulated by the General Pharmacy Council and was co-founded by our current superintendent pharmacist. Online shopping for Health & Beauty products has grown enormously in the last few years and our customers appreciate the discretion and convenience of shopping directly with us. We understand it's not always convenient to pop to your local Chemist and no one wants to discuss possible embarrassing conditions in a busy shop. We continue to develop our range of products based on our customers requirements and our team look forward to providing you with the highest levels of customer service. Default Commission Rates:- Standard Purchase 1+ sales value per month - 4.5% of order value; 1500.00+ sales value per month - 5.5% of order value; 2500.00+ sales value per month - 6.5% of order value; 5000.00+ sales value per month - 7.5% of order value.

Chinese Herbs DirectChinese Herbs Direct - sells hard-to-find Chinese herbs, herbal formulas and teas for a variety of health conditions. Chinese Herbs Direct offer several hundred proven formulas, and discount their products by 10-30% off retail. Average sale of $60 with many sales over $200. Chinese Herbs Direct offer 15% commission on sales.


Coffee Shop Seeds - offers you great value with the best quality cannabis seeds, marijuana seeds, and CBD. We are passionate about cannabis. Legalisation of cannabis across the world would give medicinal users access to the strains that suit their condition and recreational users would enjoy better control, higher quality, and more safety. For now, for that safe and secure feeling, you can’t beat our discrete service and our commitment to quality. We don’t just aim to please; we will exceed your expectations or fall over trying. We’ve found that exceeding expectations gets easier when you have an awesome product range to back you up. Our 3500+ supply now includes the work of more than 120 world-renowned breeders, giving you thousands of strain choices. Whether you’re looking for high THC/CBD or high yield, a particular flavor or a specific feeling, classic or cutting-edge, we offer you strains to suit your individual needs and desires. You can earn 10% commission on all purchases you generate for Coffee Shop Seeds.


Dr. Cowan’s Garden - sell nutrient dense and delicious vegetable powders. Vegetables are the forgotten food group in the Paleo diet. In summary, the ancestral diet included a much wider variety of vegetables than most people eat today, as well as wild and foraged vegetables. Our company aims to help people achieve this vegetable diversity by providing great tasting vegetable powders and blends, as well as wild and foraged vegetables that are closer to what our ancestors used to eat. Our powders are very popular with parents trying to get their children to eat their vegetables, people who are trying to eat healthy, all the way up to the baby boomer crowd. They can also be easily substituted with flour for easy, gluten free and healthy recipes! We pay out on multiple purchases. People LOVE our products – over 90% of the reviews on our site are 5 stars, and over 65% of sales comes from repeat purchases. Our conversion rate is over 8.5% and average orders are over $100. Earn 15% commission on sales.

CrocMint - is the websphere’s leading herbal affiliate program. We offer you the highest commission payouts on the web as well as the chance to walk high on the affiliate ladder. Whether you want to work or earn from home, CrocMint is for you! With higher than average number of affiliates joining CrocMint than any other affiliate program, thus making us the fastest growing affiliate program ever! Wonderful promotions and offers await you. Have you joined yet? Our biggest advantage is the range of natural/herbal products we have for you to promote. These herbal products have been prepared by keeping in mind the health requirement of millions across the globe. These products are highly effective and ensure that you keep making sales, without much effort! With CrocMint, you make money by helping people deal with their health needs. Our affiliates say that working with CrocMint is like doing service for mankind. We couldn’t agree more! These health products have been manufactured at world-class facilities across the world, ensuring each product’s quality and efficiency.


High Protein DrinksCWI Medical - is a national home health care products retailer specializing in health and wellness products. We offer home and repeat delivery, and stock a complete line of nutritional supplements, enteral formulas, incontinence products, durable medical equipment, medical supplies, aids for daily living, and tattoo medical supplies. High conversion rate from user-friendly website, excellent customer service and competitive prices for health care products. Commissions from 4% to 6% and bonus offers.


Digestinol - Do you know anyone who suffers from Acid Reflux Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Crohns Disease or another digestive disease? Aloe mucilaginous polysaccharides are classified as an edible food material and is safe for adults and children of ALL ages. Aloe mucilaginous polysaccharides are not a drug. No prescription is needed. Digestinol® is not Aloe Vera as Aloe is commonly understood. Digestinol® is the STABILIZED healing agent, which has been extracted from the Aloe Plant. It takes the healing agent from approximately Eight gallons of fresh Aloe Vera gel to yield just one ounce of Digestinol®. (1000 to 1 potency.) Accept no inadequate substitutes for your health. Earn $10 per sale.

234x60 Discount Medical SuppliesDiscount Medical Supplies - is a physician-operated medical equipment and supply company that provides practitioners, patients and the general public with the highest quality products at the lowest available prices. By thoroughly analyzing our competition, we are able to provide our customers with the ABSOLUTE LOWEST PRICE anywhere. If you find a better price, just let us know and we will match or beat that price. More than an ordinary online store, Discount Medical Supplies is committed to providing the highest level of customer satisfaction as we offer the necessary resources to help you make well-informed purchasing decisions. Our customer service staff is ready and able to assist you with any questions. Earn 5% commission on sales.

300x250 bannerDivine Health - Vitamins and Nutritional Supplements from arn some healthy commissions as an affiliate of, provider of vitamin supplements, nutritional products, and protein powders from acclaimed alternative health practitioner Dr. Don Colbert. New York Times Bestselling author Dr. Don Colbert, M.D., has been featured on Fox News, ABC World News, BBC, Readers Digest, Newsweek, Prevention Magazine, and many prominent Christian TV programs for his inspiring approach to health and wellness. Board-certified in family practice and anti-aging medicine, Dr. Colbert’s specially formulated Divine Health supplements are available at, including the popular Living Green Superfood with organic green grasses and natural food factors to increase longevity. Also popular is Divine Health Nutrients for Glucose Regulation to help support the maintenance of healthy insulin and blood sugar levels, as well as Living CoQ10 with Ubiquinol, the active form of CoQ10. At, customers can search for the appropriate supplementation for particular health concerns—including weight loss issues, brain, bone, and joint health, or energy and detoxification needs—and there’s even formulations for children. Also available are Dr. Colbert’s books and DVDs for inspiration and guidance on how to live well and treat the whole person—mind, body, and spirit. Earn 8% commission on sales.

Dr. Colbert - Divine HealthDr. Colbert - Divine Health - Dr. Colbert's Nutritional Supplements - Breakthrough Nutritional Supplements Formulated by a New York Times Bestselling Medical Doctor, Dr. Don Colbert MD. Earn 10% commission on sales.


Eureka SupplementsEureka Supplements - are the UK’s best direct supplier of vitamins, minerals and food supplements. We formulate high quality products with unique combinations and couple that with exceptional customer service. From our UK based manufacturing to delivery of products through our customer letterboxes, we support our customers at every stage of the journey to ensure the product and service they receive is of the highest quality. If you have a website or active Social Media following, you may qualify to join the Eureka Supplements affiliate programme in which you can earn money by directing online users to our website. Our affiliate programme is free to join and is very simple to use. Once signed up, all you need to do is place either a link or a banner on your website or post your affiliate link to your followers directing users to Every time visitors or followers click your link or banner they will be redirected to For each purchase that a visitor makes by visiting our website through you link, you will be paid 20% commission!

eVitaminseVitamins - offers you superior affiliate support from of affiliate marketing gurus, phone order tracking, free data feeds to help you build your own online health store, and much more. We have one of the best converting health programs on the net, if you send us targetted traffic you will get satisfying and rewarding results from your efforts. eVitamins does not support parasite activity. Please contact the affiliate manager for more information about our anti-parasite stance. By partnering with the eVitamins affiliate program, you will be earning a generous 10% commission and offering your visitors some of the most popular products on the internet - Health & Nutritional Supplements.

Excelerol - is the #1 bestselling leader in brain enhancement supplements. Excelerol is pioneering advancements in brain health. Clinical studies show that the ingredients found in Excelerol are key to improving your memory, concentration, and alertness. Powered by superior ingredients such as citicoline and phosphatidylserine, Excelerol is a non-prescription brain-health formula that can help support your most valuable asset – your brain. Excelerol's advanced 100% vegetarian liquid capsules allow for rapid absorption. Join our affiliate program and get 35% each sale and 25% on second tier. Our product helps support memory, focus, concentration and alertness like no other.

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