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How to Choose the Program for your Site

The first thing to think about when choosing an affiliate program for your site is your site's visitors - why do they come to your site. 

If your visitors are there to browse or to pick up information you make available for free they are probably not looking to buy something. You may therefore be better off with a pay-per-click programme.

If your site sells your goods or services then your visitors may be in the frame of mind to buy from the advertiser.  In this instance it may in you interest to sign up for payment per sale. Books, CDs and Software tend to be good for generating sales.

Affiliate Marketing is now so successful on the Internet that it even has it's own print magazine! Revenue can be bought on newsstands in the US but can be subscribed to worldwide. You may want to consider subscribing in order to stay up to date in this constantly evolving world.

One thing you should find out about any site you want to become an affiliate of is how popular that site is already, especially if it is based in a country which is not your own. The best tool to use for this is the Alexa Toolbar. This toolbar integrates with Internet Explorer and provides traffic rankings, site reviews, contact information, and more information about each site as you visit it. We can't recommend it highly enough and use it ourselves. The Alexa Toolbar is completely FREE and you can download it by clicking on the banner below.

Why Gambling Companies Mostly Advertise through Affiliates?

Gambling has been around for centuries, if not millennia. Wagering was a pastime for every class, every generation, in one form or another. People have been betting on chariot races, athletes, battles, politics, and more recently on lotteries and even the weather. Millions of bets are placed daily on the greatest variety of things. When it comes to advertising, though, you hardly ever hear about gambling in any form. Ever wonder why?

A strongly regulated market

Ancient as it is, gambling is still a highly controversial business - and this controversy has become even more vocal since it found its way online. The advent of internet gambling has made casino games, sports bets, poker, bingo, and lotteries much more accessible than ever before. Today, players can go online, visit the Europalace online casino, create an account, make a deposit, and start playing in a matter of minutes. And they do so - the Euro Palace has thousands of daily visitors playing its games and claiming its bonuses.

With widespread availability came the need to keep these services out of reach for those who weren't meant to use them, especially the underage. The Euro Palace, just like all other real money gaming operations out there, are strictly meant for people of legal age (18 or above). Not because of the games, though - social casinos have a similar game library, yet accessible to anyone with little to no age restriction. It's the fact that the games at the Euro Palace involve real money that makes them off limits for underage players.

Traditional advertising vs. affiliate marketing

Online gambling companies are not allowed to promote their services through traditional methods mainly because of their age-restricted nature. The majority of websites out there are accessible to any age group - even news outlets that routinely report on accidents, terrorist attacks, and similar events, are available without filtering their visitors by age or region. Which means that an ad that would promote real money gambling over the internet - which is a highly entertaining pastime, otherwise it wouldn't be so popular - would be seen by all age groups, not only those it was meant for. Much like a cigarette ad. These strict regulations limit the range of advertising methods available for gambling companies.

The gambling market is a highly competitive one, though, so advertising is needed for gambling companies to thrive. Affiliate marketing is the go-to solution, as it doesn't involve banners that would show up on just any website. Instead, the message is delivered to the people that are actually interested in the services promoted - and for which it was meant. This is good for the gambling companies, too, since an interested individual is more likely to become a paying customer this way.

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