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E-Books Affiliate Programs

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E-books are a very interesting Internet phenomenon. The invention of e-books enables any author to publish by themselves thus bypassing the critical approval of a traditional publisher. An ebook is a book that is available in electronic format. Usually eBooks are available in Adobe PDF or eBook Reader format, or in Microsoft's LIT format. Through ebooks author can be published in ways that would fail the bookshelf tests of publishers but that does not mean that they don't sell. They do sell if they are marketed at the right audience.

As an affiliate though the key thing you may want to know is that because each copy has minimal costs to the author, because we are talking about downloads here, the average commission paid can be very high indeed. Here are the Ebook affiliate programs that we have been able to identify so far.

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120x60 ButtonDating Dynamics - offers educational ebooks and audio CDs for men helping them approach and attract women. Dating Dynamics products have helped thousands of men around the world and are constantly in high-demand. By promoting Dating Dynamics products you are helping all men achieve their goals - not just in the world of dating but in life. Dating Dynamics offer 40% of the sale for the 1st tier sales, and 10% for the 2nd tier sales.

Detect Deceit - is a 120 page Ebook written by Simon Cruise about how to tell if somebody is lying to you. You are lied to every day and 9 times out of 10, you don't know it. This Ebook shows you how to read their body language and verbal clues to expose the liar - fast. Paying 51% or more of every sale and constantly being Taguchi tested to improve the conversion ratios, this unique product is set to make you more money.

Double Your Dating - is the leader in online dating advice for men and has been helping affiliates generate fast, consistent income with high-converting products and generous commissions since 2001. You'll make from 70% to 267% Commission on each eBook sale you refer! The selling price for the Double Your Dating eBook is $14.97, and you will earn $40 per sale, and high performing affiliates have the chance to earn more! You can also offer our best selling Attraction Isn't a Choice eBook for a 70% comission on the retail price. DOUBLE YOUR DATING - The "Secret Psychology" that attracts women instantly. High Commissions: With $40 in your pocket for every Double Your Dating eBook sale, and exclusive offers for our top partners there is no limit to how much you can earn! High Performing Creative: Our banners, text links & article content is regularly tested and refreshed to offer you the most effective marketing tools to sell our products and share in our success. Monthly Newsletters: As our partner we will update you monthly with our newest offers, top creative and product news so program maintenance is easy and up to date. Full Time Dedicated Affiliate Team: We are here full time and eager to answer questions, discuss exclusive offers, and ultimately build a relationship that will be highly beneficial to us both.

DreamJobsAtHome - Affiliates earn up to $109 per sale on a growing list of our hottest money makers. Real time stats tracking is available through Clickbank. Affiliates promote a single URL and earn high comission and high conversions on many top sellers not available elsewhere. Product description: Now you can easily earn $300 - $3000 every day at home using the DreamJobsAtHome Ultimate Income Kit. No skills, no capital, no experience required. Some people are already making $9,000 - $90,000 a month.


Driving Fear - The Driving Fear Program is one of the most trusted self-help resource for those suffering from anxiety or fear about driving available online. It is doctor recommended, 100% guaranteed, and in use by individuals and clinicians worldwide. Members of The Driving Fear affiliate Program have access to the best tools and resources including articles, banner ads, graphics, and information. Driving Fear have a generous 51% commission payout which can result in up to $40 per sale in your pocket with great conversion rates!


Download an eBook - is the web's most popular digital book store with the largest range of contemporary ebooks from the world's leading publishers. With prices well below hard copy books, and the unique appeal of instantly downloadable books, sales at are growing exponentially. Earn commission by linking to our site, to individual titles, categories or special offers that you feel would appeal to your visitors. Our commission is incentive driven and works on a tiered system. The tiers are based on the amount of commission you have earned in a month, in US dollars. So: Base Commission = 8% commission. Total Sales Amount equal to or greater than $ 500.00 USD in one month = 10% commission, Total Sales Amount equal to or greater than $1,000.00 USD in one month = 12% commission, Total Sales Amount equal to or greater than $2,000.00 USD in one month = 15% commission. So if you are just starting out, the minimum you will earn is 8% and once your performance improves you'll be earning up to 15% in no time!

eMarket - is a 150 page book packed with footnotes, hundreds of URLs, 25 figures, and detailed examples of how to make money online. It covers search engine optimization, ordering systems, web hosting, and even offline marketing tactics too. As an Affiliate of eMarket, you will earn money by generating new eMarket sales for the highly converting eBook. Your site and links will help expose people to proven marketing strategies. For each eMarket sale, you will earn $25.00.

Ex Back System - The Ex Back System is a relationship repair product (ebook, audio and videos) in a niche that will always be hot. Selling well. Affiliates get $31.86 per sale - the current highest amount of any relationship repair commission. Affiliates get instant access to their own training and resource centre including plugnplay presell template, graphics, banners, wp theme, rebrandible ebook, mini site, articles, reviews & free one on one personal training on offer.


Get This Off My Chest Now - You Don't Have To Settle For Life of Embarrassment Any Longer-- Learn Our Quick and Easy Methods for Converting Your Flabby Chest Into The Chiseled One You Long For..."Without Using Ridiculous Tricks and Gimmicks! Everybody wants to make money with ebooks!!! This incredible system explains things nobody else has ever published before! This system explains the real way to to get rid of your man boobs.. Finally! Somebody gives people the truth about what it takes to lose the chest fat. As an affiliate of "Get This Off My Chest NOW", you can not only make this exciting resource available to your visitors, but also create a terrific revenue stream from your website. How profitable is it? Earn 70% commission on every sale you refer!


Goals Happen Here - Make the most of your life now while moving toward the future of your dreams. Figuring out, setting, and keeping goals may not be easy, natural and enjoyable for everyone. Yet, EVERYONE wants to be successful and happy! So that’s why I created this site. Success requires setting goals and keeping them, and having fun while doing so makes it SO much better and easier. My goal for the site is to provide a friendly and fun community that makes setting and achieving our goals easy…or at least more enjoyable. We all have things we’d like to accomplish, and I know we can learn from one another so we can move forward faster. The idea behind this community is to encourage people to share their goals and support others in accomplishing their goals. Even if you don’t know what your goals are, you’ve come to the right place. I’ll be exploring ways to help you figure out what you want. And if you’re successful in one area of your life, but not in another, I’ll also show you how to take your success from one area into another. I currently have 4 products for sale at the following price points: (all prices in USD) $79.95: Career Success Mini-Course. $14.95: Money Success Mini-Course, $9.95: 3 Secret Success Builders, $5.95: Bloom Where You Are Planted. You will earn a 75 percent commission for every course or ebook you sell.

Healthy Food Storage - The real idea of food storage goes beyond the concept of preparing for disaster. Yes, emergency food storage is important, but we can all play out worst case scenerios on our own. It’s not my intention to use scare tactics in presenting this book. Besides emergency food storage, it is equally important to focus on the value you will gain from a bolstered up food supply, based on healthy habits. Everyone would like to claim their food storage program is “healthy.” Yes, beans and grains can be healthy – but what about the rest of it? Its what you don’t know about foods that can hurt you. My intention is to help people realize truths about food, the food supply, and the value of a well stocked pantry. My goal is to help you obtain one that will fulfill your needs, make things simple, as well as pack in the nutrition. We need to be eating organic and chemical free foods NOW. We have reached the time for a new era of eating. Healthy Food Storage has a very generous referral payout similar to the industry rates for most digital delivery products. We payout through PayPal via the 3rd party DPD Product software program. DPD uses cookies which are carried through until your viewer checks out. These cookies will remain on their browser for one week, should they choose to come back later to finish their purchase. If you are interested in finding out more about becoming an affiliate please click on the above DPD link. After you have set up an account with, we do require you email us with your information on how you plan to promote our products. We require the members of the program use ethical promotions so becoming an affiliate requires our approval. We want to ensure no spamming, or harmful promotions take place. If desired we can work with you to help support your promotions! We have a very competitive commission rate of 50% of every sale that originates from the tracking link provided after enrollment with DPD.

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