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E-Books Affiliate Programs

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E-books are a very interesting Internet phenomenon. The invention of e-books enables any author to publish by themselves thus bypassing the critical approval of a traditional publisher. An ebook is a book that is available in electronic format. Usually eBooks are available in Adobe PDF or eBook Reader format, or in Microsoft's LIT format. Through ebooks author can be published in ways that would fail the bookshelf tests of publishers but that does not mean that they don't sell. They do sell if they are marketed at the right audience.

As an affiliate though the key thing you may want to know is that because each copy has minimal costs to the author, because we are talking about downloads here, the average commission paid can be very high indeed. Here are the Ebook affiliate programs that we have been able to identify so far.

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Sensational Smoothies - Drink Your Way To Health Deliciously. Smoothies are drinks created by blending fruits with liquids. Form this simple definition, you will already have a pretty good idea of how simple it is to make one. Even more beneficial than the quick preparation time is the nutritional value that one glass of smoothie contains. Just a single serving of smoothie is enough to give you a significant percentage of the required vitamins and minerals in your daily diet. This amazing electronic book contains a collection of recipes that you can use to re-create flavorful, refreshing and amazing smoothies! These recipes are all kitchen tested by me and family, so you can be sure that they are not only healthy, but also actually taste good. Deciding what smoothie to serve or to prepare for breakfast, snacks or even for dessert becomes a simple matter of choosing from a menu of recipes in this ebook. Spread the word on how to make healthy smoothie drinks and earn a whooping 75% per sale of this ebook.

Social-Dynamix - Learn The Secrets To Eliminating Shyness and Social Anxiety, and How to Put Your Social Life on Steroids in Just 21 Days! The Social-Dynamix System is designed to eliminate shyness and social anxiety. This is the perfect affiliate program for both new and experienced marketer. This Affliliate Program is Perfect for the Lazy Affilate. All you have to do is get them to the site and everything will be taken care of for you. This affiliate program pays 60% per sale. That's $46. This product has had great conversions during it's testing phase. This is a very hungry market!


Stop Shin Splints Forever - Once you understand the underlying problems that cause shin splints in your body, treating them will become your first priority. There’s a great resource that covers this topic very well and it’s called “Stop Shin Splints Forever”... It explains the practical ways to find out what’s causing your shin splints and then gives you proven plan for treating those conditions and restoring your body to the way it was prior to shin splints. The approach is simple to implement and it works like nothing I’ve ever seen. Affiliates earn 75% ($17.98) commission on sales.


Success: A Spiritual Matter - is a book that contains interviews with the Internet's most successful entrepreneurs about the secrets to prosperity and wealth building. Earn 51% commissions for information your customers will love you for.


Sue Stone is the UK's No. 1 Celebrity Empowerment Coach and author. From £10 left in her purse to a £4 million country mansion, Sue Stone really walks her talk! She has a great story and the public love her! Sue's gone through divorce, left with over a quarter of a millions pounds worth of debt, faced repossession, no income and 3 young children to bring up alone. Sue Stone transformed her own life and now she helps others to do the same. Sue's amazing, positive energy has infiltrated the lives of thousands all over the world from every day people to celebrities and city high fliers. She has a unique, remarkable and uplifting impact on people who work with her and her products. She is regularly on TV, radio and in national newspapers. She is hosting her own radio show from August 2010 and in advanced talks with TV following/helping celebrities. Her products - Happiness and Success Daily Coaching Videos, book Love Life, Live Life (e book and hard copy), CD The Power of Positive Living (CD and MP3). Her products are endorsed by celebrities. Earn 25% commission on all sales.

The Ultimate Woman's Guide To Dating - is the Only Dating and Relationship Guide For Women that Will Show You How To Select, Attract, Date and Keep the Right Man For The Relationship. Discover How To Become Irresistibly Attractive, Find, Date and Keep The Right Man and Achieve The Loving, Meaningful And Lasting Relationship You Deserve Using A Unique 5 Step System No One Else Will Tell You About... Marriage and Relationship Consultant, M.A in Psychology, Independent Researcher and Author From California Teaches You How To Boost Your Self Confidence, Dramatically Improve Your Self-Image, Optimize Yourself To Irresistibility, Find and Attract The Right Man And Achieve The Lasting, Loving and Meaningful Relationship You've Always Dreamed Of...Guaranteed! Affiliates earn 51% ($18.34) commission on sales. This product has very high demand and is of highest quality. Affiliates can gain access to a newsletter and huge affiliate resource and training center with proven promotion tools.


Pay about 70% less than the cost of print!VitalSource - is a new way for students to find and buy their assigned textbooks as eTextbooks. Students who have purchased a VitalSource eTextbook say they study smarter for example they can search for, print and study just what they need. With thousands of the most popular textbooks available, every student can save an average 70% off the price of a print textbook at VitalSource. Our catalog includes over 90% of the core textbooks in use today as eTextbooks, as well as the largest online catalog of eResources and digital course materials available for instant access. Students can enjoy the benefits of anytime, anywhere access to important course materials from laptops, many tablets and even smartphones, with or without an internet connection. Plus, they save up to 60% compared to the price of print textbooks. Using eTextbooks and digital course materials is a great way for students to save trees and save money. Earn 3% commission on all sales.

Wise Wedding Planning - Slash The Cost Of Your Wedding By Up To 85%...And Make It Even MORE Spectacular So Each Of Your Guests Leave Thinking... "Wow! That Was Amazing!" Who else wants the insider tips that professional wedding planners use to pull off amazing weddings for celebrities, the rich and the famous... And how to make it happen for yourself without the expensive, impossible-to-get professional wedding planners and without the massive budget... I'm Certain I Can CUT The Cost Of YOUR Wedding By At LEAST 50%.... Without Sacrificing Any Of The Quality... And Some People Will See Up To 85% Savings. Wise Wedding Planning will give your readers all the tips and techniques on how they can save up to 85% from the total cost of their wedding. Wise Wedding Planning have an affiliate program that pays 75% commission, we've got fantastic affiliate support and affiliate tools that you can use.


Xbox 360 3 Red Lights Fix - is a new step by step guide that allows you to easily and quickly fix your broken Xbox 360. Has Your Xbox 360 Got The Three Red Rings Of Death? Don't Spend $150 On Costly Repairs Fix It Yourself With This Complete Step By Step Guide! Even if you are completely new to computers or just are not good with technology, don't worry! The Xbox 360 3 Red Lights Fix guide has full color pictures and easy to follow steps. It literally walks you through the few steps to fix the 3 Red Lights Error. Promote this awesome Xbox 360 repair Guide! Awesome niche and pays 75% a sale! Full affiliate tools (banners, images and much more...) Pays $21.19 for every sale!


Yeast Infection No More - Chronic Yeast Infection Sufferer Finally Reveals The Only Holistic System In Existence That Will Show You How To Permanently Cure Your Yeast Infection, Eliminate Candida and Rebalance Your Body, Using A Unique 5 Step All-Natural Method No One Else Will Tell You About. Yeast Infection No More is a highly unique step-by-step candida yeast infection system guaranteed to naturally and permanently eliminate yeast infection from the inside out. Affiliates earn 50% ($13.60) commission on sales (Pay Per Sale). You Can Easily Earn Money By Promoting One of the Hottest Holistic Yeast Infection Products Online, Get Cutting Edge Marketing Tools, and Help People To Permanently Cure Their Candida Yeast Infection! Yeast Infection No More also offer 24 hour counseling to customers and that means excellent conversions and zero refunds.


Yummy Healthy Tummy - FINALLY, a book that spells out, in plain English, all the things you need to know in order to develop healthy eating habits in your children that they will bring into adulthood and reduce their risks for chronic diseases like diabetes, cancer and heart diseases. 'Yummy Healthy Tummy: The Secrets of Raising Healthy Kids Every Parent Needs to Know!' is specially designed for busy moms like you to help solve all of your problems with healthy eating, therefore preventing any of the major medical complications children can develop from eating unhealthy foods! Earn 75% commission on sales.

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